Broadlinc Wireless Internet Access Network Enhanced in

Owenton, September 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Owenton, Kentucky –

New equipment installed on a water tower

Walton, KY – Improved and updated broadband internet service will flow at Walton through new equipment and technology Broadlinc installed on top of an existing water tower.

By partnering with XtremeLTE, the project will enable Broadlinc to serve homes where broadband internet is unavailable and the current service provider cannot meet their needs, or through Ericsson’s Massive-MIMO 4G-LTE/5G technology can be improved.

“Broadlinc is very excited about the Walton project,” said Jamie Humphrey, Broadlinc’s vice president of sales. “We look forward to providing the citizens of the Walton area with a reliable, customer-centric experience.”

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Broadlinc is an Owen County-based provider of high-speed Internet, cable television and phone services that offers the best possible service at a competitive price with the most stable and reliable products on the market.

“We believe this will be a great partnership between Broadlinc and the Walton community,” said Humphrey. “Because we are locally owned and operated, we are able to serve our customers in a way that enhances their experience. The constant we hear is how we make every customer feel important and we are dedicated to that mission.”

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Rural counties and communities will enjoy unthrottled, unlimited usage that far exceeds the minimum requirements for home working, NTI training, and bandwidth-hungry services like video streaming and gaming. Broadlinc will bring these opportunities to more people in rural Kentucky than ever before.

Residents can visit the website at and fill out the availability check form. You can also fill out the contact form published on the website.

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Potential customers can easily learn more about Broadlinc:

– Call Broadlinc at 855-552-2253
– Visit
– Follow Broadlinc on social media for news, product and service updates, and behind-the-scenes activity @getbroadlinc – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.
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