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Sydney-based distributor Tempo has struck a massive global deal with Samsung headquarters, granting the company a multi-country license to manufacture TVs running the hugely popular Smart TV Tizen operating system.

Samsung South Korea headquarters licensed Tempo for Samsung Tizen TVs for markets in Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Italy and Spain.

The first of the new Bauhn TVs are set to go on sale in Aldi stores in several countries, with Aldi Australia offering a 65-inch model for $699.

Currently, The Good Guys are deploying a Linsar TV running Samsung’s Tizen OS, while Harvey Norman will be deploying an Akai TV running Samsung’s smart TV operating system.

Paul Kim, corporate VP at Samsung and head of the group responsible for Tizen, said Tempo will be allowed to use the Samsung Smart TV Tizen platform on its brand TVs to further expand the Tizen OS footprint.

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He claimed that “Samsung views Tempo as a key partner in these regions and expects to achieve beneficial outcomes for both organizations.

Over the past 18 months, Tempo has secured the rights to some of the world’s biggest brands including Monster, Energiser, Pantone, Hoover and Sharp, with the company now selling both Sharp devices and televisions.

A Tempo spokesperson said: “We have worked hard with Samsung for several months to complete this deal and we are confident that both Samsung and Tempo will benefit significantly.”

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Kim said the license deal will allow consumers in the regions where Tempo has been licensed in Australia to “enjoy a premium experience with a powerful operating system and a wide range of content and service options.”

He said users get access to a modern interface, free Samsung TV Plus channels and their favorite content apps.

“We believe this partnership would allow both companies to further expand their market presence and benefit other stakeholders such as retailers, content providers, developers and users,” he said.

Tizen is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world, used on all Samsung TVs and also supporting the new Samsung Watch.

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