Better Homes & Gardens: Sept 23

Next week Better houses and gardens Johanna Griggs visits Government House in Melbourne and Adam Doville embarks on a coffee table project.

Johanna – The inviting kitchen garden
At Government House in Melbourne, Johanna learns about the Peace and Prosperity Kitchen Garden Program created by current Governor Linda Dessau. As the first woman governor, she was keen to champion a cause that fostered connections within Melbourne’s migrant women community. After meeting these new Australians in the kitchen garden, Joh takes part in a procreation lesson before enjoying a home-cooked lunch of freshly picked vegetables at Government House. Not only do these women help grow vegetables, they also build a sense of community.

Adam – Four boxes that a coffee table makes
If you can screw two pieces of wood together, you can build Adam’s latest coffee table project. Turning four wooden boxes on their sides, gluing and screwing is child’s play. Add a few casters below and you have a coffee table that you can move around the house. Give it a try this weekend and impress your friends and family over their next cup of tea.

Karen – Baked Ravioli with Primavera Sauce
Pasta casseroles might be synonymous with winter, but how do you add a little seasonal twist to springtime in the face of spring? Well, Karen shows you an easy recipe using ravioli, cheese, homemade primavera sauce, and spring greens. This rich and gooey dish will be the best pasta bake you’ve ever eaten.

Fast Ed – Organic Mocha Almond Pudding with Mango Raspberry Sauce
Eating organic food is not only good for you, it’s also better for the environment. In McLaren Vale, near Adelaide, Ed has found a vineyard that is organic and produces the most delicious wines. But while he’s here, Ed has found inspiration to make a deliciously rich and delicate mocha pudding with organic fruit sauce. If you’re thinking about going organic, this could be the dish to start with.

Fast Ed – Organic Butterglazed Roast Chicken with Cheesy Polenta
Using organic products is easier than you think and the benefits are many. To immerse yourself in the organic vibe, Ed’s comes to an organic winery in McLaren Vale, South Australia to prepare a family roast using only the freshest ingredients. He takes the family’s favorite fried chicken and gives it a filling that really enhances its flavor. Prepared on a rotisserie with organic beets or your favorite root vegetables, everything you need to sit back and enjoy this organic feast.

Graham – Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers
Melbourne and Canberra are not the only major flower fairs in Australia, Toowoomba also has its own flower carnival. The carnival offers not only many gardens full of flowers, but also food and wine, music, handicrafts and many other events. Graham will be there to take in all the sights, sounds and of course, scents of this legendary Queensland event that began in 1949.

Graham – Spring Native Winner
Yellow is the color of Spring in Australia as our iconic Wattles dazzle with their amazing display. The Australian Botanic Garden at Mount Annan has 166 species of acacia, each with its own personality. But yellow isn’t the only floral color this time of year, as Graham spots a carpet of color covering the landscape with the largest paper daisy display in Eastern Australia. And if they inspired you, Graham will show you how to grow all of these beautiful flowers at home. There is so much to love about our Australian Aborigines!

Charlie – Plant an edible garden
Most of us plant orchards and vegetable gardens in the back, but what if the front yard is the best place to do it? Tonight, Charlie is transforming a disused front yard into a productive and beautiful entryway that puts a smile on the faces of owners every time they step out. With a mix of low-growing fruits and vegetables and a vertical growth trellis, this garden becomes incredibly versatile. And adding some beautiful ornamental flowers to the space will not only add a pop of color but will also attract bees and pollinating insects to energize this garden for years to come.

Juliet – Decorate and decorate your space with color
First impressions count and a listing sets the tone of your home and welcomes you and your visitors. Juliet has found a mid-century modern style home that requires few features to truly make it a welcoming and functional space. By building a very simple desk and painting the walls some trendy colors, this area under the stairs and entryway is now cool but warm and welcoming.

dr Harry – Fear of stairs Dalmatians
There is a restless dog in Brisbane whose owner Dr. asked Harry for help. You see, Harvey the Dalmatian is afraid of walking down stairs, which is quite a dilemma when you live in a gorgeous old Queenslander home. Harvey is distraught, his owners are upset and the problem is more than skin deep. What goes up must come down, especially when it’s Harvey the Dalmatian. Will Dr Harry be able to find the solution to this pooch’s predicament?

7 p.m. Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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