Artisans from Dhubri makes unique Durga idols to spread message of ‘Save Environment’

Dhubri, September 18: Although the ensuing Durga Puja keeps the idol makers and artists of Dhubri district busy, two independent artisans have decided to convey a social message through their creativity.

Renowned artists Pradip Kumar Ghosh and Sanjib Basak have decided to convey the message of ‘Save Environment’ through their idols, which they will exhibit in different pandals of the city of Dhubri. Sanjib Basak, a recipient of the Craft Council of India’s Kamala Prize and the Rashtra Prerna Prize, decided to create the entire idol using used single-use plastic utensils such as spoons and bowls to comply with the recent ban on the use of single-use plastic.

“Durga has the power to destroy all evils in society. When all single-use plastics are eradicated from the environment, the earth will have a new life,” Basak said.

Basak, who is also an officer at the District Disaster Management Authority, said, “I’ve seen that the single-use plastic in the trash is one of the main factors behind the proliferation of natural disasters everywhere.”

Internationally acclaimed artist Basak believes his 7ft tall idol will spread the message of banning single-use plastic and its impact on the environment and climate change. “If the festivals could be used as a platform to spread social awareness at a micro level, then we can definitely see drastic changes at a macro level,” the craftsman told this correspondent. Basak is known for making unique Durga idols with a social conscience. He used to make idols with used syringes, covid vaccine bottles, plastic bottles, matches etc.

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Meanwhile, Pradip Kumar Ghosh, who has been making Durga idols from various scrap materials for over a decade, is making a 4ft tall idol from coconut scraps this year.

Ghosh believes that decorative idols should be sustainable for the environment and be the medium of the message. Its sustainable idols, made from various waste materials such as sugar cane scraps, discarded bicycle inner tubes, plastic bottles and broken lighting systems, were cherished throughout the district.

Of his creation, Ghosh said, “The idol is almost complete and aims to spread the message of the current environmental change.”

He further explained that the growth of mobile connectivity has greatly impacted coconut productions especially in Dhubri district. “This idol will definitely create awareness for the environmental change,” added Ghosh, who is a well-known artist from the district.

However, for the subsequent Durga Puja, various puja committees have prepared to make their pandals unique and attractive, and their preparations are in full swing.

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