A global benchmark for food and healthcare logistics

As the leading facilitator of global trade, logistics and industry in the UAE, AD Ports Group will set another significant benchmark for the UAE with the launch of KLP21, one of the largest advanced food and healthcare warehousing and logistics hubs in the region Create logistics industry. The hub will be available to customers looking to leverage its significant capabilities and connectivity to extensive local, regional and international markets within the third quarter of the year.


Located in KIZAD, AD Ports Group’s integrated industrial zone between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, KLP21 will capitalize on the emirate’s strategic position as a gateway to Asia, Africa and the MENA region. It is also strategically located adjacent to the forthcoming Regional Food Hub along the main E311 freight corridor, ensuring direct access to all major destination markets.

The location also offers KLP21 customers proximity to five major international airports within a 90-minute drive, ports such as Khalifa Port, Zayed Port and Jebel Ali Port, and Etihad Rail’s future rail link – all working together to provide customers with a combined to connect marketplace with more than 4.5 billion consumers.

KLP21 was strategically designed to support the Abu Dhabi leadership’s vision to establish the emirate as a major global hub for strategic industries such as food, life sciences and healthcare.

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The UAE has already gained prominence through initiatives such as its National Food Strategy 2051, which aims to place the UAE at the top of the Global Food Security Index while building international partnerships to diversify food sources, improve nutrition and legislation introduced to reduce waste.

Additionally, the launch of KLP21 builds on Abu Dhabi’s growth as a global hub for health and life sciences, which has worked alongside its partners to bring pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing to its shores, aided by one of the world’s most extensive refrigeration and… Ultra Cold Pharma Supply Chains in Today’s Market.

In addition, the hub will also support regional and international fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and specialty chemicals sectors.


The hub’s four warehouses can hold over 100,000 pallets

Two of KLP21’s four advanced warehouses are operated by AD Ports Logistics, which already operates over 350,000 square meters of warehousing space, including its 19,000 square meter cold and ultra-chilled warehouse at KIZAD, which has served as the cornerstone of Abu Dhabi’s global effort against the Covid-19 pandemic .

The groundbreaking facility significantly increases AD Ports Logistics’ current refrigerated and ambient warehousing capacity and offers excellent opportunities for international and domestic companies to enter or expand their presence in a region poised for sustainable growth.

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The project was conceived taking into account the latest optimal solutions, including the use of advanced insulating materials to reflect sunlight; the strategic use of skylights to reduce lighting needs; recycling of water for irrigation; a centralized cooling system; and the use of primary, backup and solar power supplies.

The high-tech hub has also been developed in accordance with the latest HSEQ and ISO standards, ensuring customers that their products are handled to the highest standards of global regulatory compliance.

via a network of chambers that can be independently configured to a range of sizes and temperatures, including -26°C to 25°C. The two warehouses operated by AD Ports Logistics extend over 40,000 square meters and can accommodate 60,000 pallets managed by an advanced, high-capacity VNA mobile racking system that can accommodate products of different sizes.


The hub is served by a fleet of more than 400 transport vehicles

Among the many benefits available to customers at KLP21, AD Ports Logistics will offer a full range of services including: leasing, third-party logistics (3PL), fourth-party logistics (4PL), regional logistics center operations and value added services.

The hub is also served by a fleet of over 400 transport vehicles operated by MICCO Logistics and a network of domestic and international logistics partners.

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Additionally, one of the key benefits of the hub is that it provides access to AD Ports Group’s broad portfolio of trading and logistics services, capable of supporting customers’ products from their point of manufacture to point of delivery – all through one single point entry.

Specifically, KLP21 customers have the ability to access the Group’s broad portfolio of commercial and logistics services, including free zone and industrial zone services, warehousing, freight forwarding and land transportation, port and ocean services, air freight through AD Ports Group partners, and deliveries to the last mile.

Most importantly, the addition is timely given the recent shift in global supply chains towards more robust nearshore and onshore sourcing of strategic goods and supplies, which KLP21 offers in an excellent position. The new hub will also respond to increasing customer demand for temperature controlled storage solutions to support safe and efficient product distribution in the UAE and across the region.

AD Ports Logistics is now ready to engage with potential customers to discuss how the facility can add value to and meet their needs.

For inquiries and further details please contact AD Ports Logistics at 800.10.20.30 or visit www.adportsgroup.com

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